Ubuntu Chat Support

Ubuntu Chat is a free chat without registration where passionate Ubuntu users can meet and discuss about the Linux operating system. In this chat support Ubuntu, you can find technical assistance given for free by other users like you. You read it well, this is a free chat (meaning that you won’t spend money to join it) and a chat without registration.

This means that, in order to obtain help with Ubuntu, you shall not fill boring registration pages: choose your personal nickname, click here to enter the chat, and the game is on! Ubuntu Chat users deliver useful suggestions about every problem that can happen to your Ubuntu suite, such as: Ubuntu can’t restart, unity launcher auto hides, or the infamous “Ubuntu has experienced an internal error” message.

In this chat without subscription you will find all of the expertise you need to solve the commonest problems along with the less common ones. Very often, for example, it may happen that the Show Desktop icon disappear, that the hibernate option is missing or even that there is no possibility to change the Ubuntu font. To solve these and many other problems, try to ask for assistance to our users, you have just to log in and ask for support.

Need support for Ubuntu rarest problems? No worries, chat now with the Ubuntu support by clicking here: it’s easy, fast and you won’t be asked to share your personal or credit card data. You may join the room even if you don’t need support; maybe your knowledge could help a fellow ubuntu user!